GAC Client Survey 1

Following our 2020 Kind of Year with our physical events unable to take place, the Run Series team has diversified and been creative in order to continue our mission to keep people active and healthy. We have developed a new online platform and mobile phone app called Get Active Challenges.

Get Active Challenges is an Activity & Wellbeing Technology Platform for organisations  that care about the mental and physical wellbeing of their people. The fully managed platform offers a custom-branded online hub and mobile app for inclusive wellbeing challenges to track activity, view leaderboards, socially interact with others, set personal challenges, fundraise for good causes and lots more.

We are continually looking to update and improve the platform and more importantly ensure those improvements meet our clients expectations and objectives and this is where we need your help. If you could spare just a few moments to answer a few research questions, we would be extremely grateful.

Low Resource Management
Interoperability with other fitness devices/apps
Prizes and reward incentives
Inclusivity and accessible for all
Reporting - before and after stats
Flexible pricing options
Access to participant data
Integration with your current wellbeing initiatives
Social Interaction & Engagement
Brand Promotion
Marketing Support
Merchandise - Medal, T-Shirt etc.
Opportunity to fundraise for good causes/charity